I am an illustrator and cartoonist from Argentina, embarking on my professional journey in both fields simultaneously. In the realm of illustration, I've engaged in collaborations spanning comics, news magazines, children's literature, and timeless literary works. As a cartoonist, I've had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed writers, delving into the realms of science fiction and historical tales. Moreover, I've ventured into crafting my own narratives within the realm of erotic comics.

Running parallel to these endeavors, I also find solace in painting landscapes that capture my unique perspective of the Buenos Aires plain. This creative pursuit harmonizes with my passion for education, which I nurture through my private workshop.

Editorials in which I have collaborated:

La Urraca, AGEA and Perfil in Argentina. Eura, Comic Art and Mondadori in Italy. La Cúpula and Nuevo Nueve in Spain. Perguin and Other Criteria in the United Kingdom . Advance Publishing, NBM and Zenescope Entertainment in United States. Epsilon and Insekthous in Germany. Casterman in Belgium. Delcourt, Soleil, Dynamite and Glenat in France.